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    When finish placing an order online, you may use PayPal to make the payment. This method is fast, free, easy and secure way to make online payments, in 56 countries and regions. With PayPal, you can shop without sharing your financial information - privacy is built in. And you control how you pay (bank account, your PayPal balance or credit card). We cannot accept checks, cash, money orders or COD as payment. We only accept credit cards issued from countries where we ship.

    We'll ship almost anything on our site to anywhere in the world—for free. No minimums. No kidding. Customers are responsible for any Duty, Tax, Vat, Brokerage or any other fee imposed by foreign government, state, province, local shipping company, or other party as a result of shipment. Estimated Delivery Times Please visit the website of the shipping method you have chosen to calculate estimated delivery times.

    Conditions and notes
    1. Delivery time is about 10-21 days approximately.
    2. You can check the delivery status of that.  http://track.thailandpost.co.th/tracking/default.aspx?lang=en Enter the 13-digit code, and then scroll down to the right.
    3. When the product reaches its destination (country of the buyer) and the seller (supplier) can not perform an inspection or any other action in boosting the country of purchase. The buyer must be carried out to check. Or from the relevant authorities themselves.

    Paypal : leenapisan@gmail.com 
    Credit card : in paypal process